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Meet the team of Liberal Democrat candidates standing for election to Lambeth Council in May 2018 to represent Bishop's ward. Contact the team, follow them on Twitter @Bishops_LibDems and like the team's Facebook page for campaign and local news updates. 

Audrey Eager

Untitled_design_(17).jpgAudrey is originally from Dublin but has been living in London since 2012. Local and national politics has always been in Audrey’s DNA, coming from a long-line of campaigners of over four generations within her family in Ireland.

Having spent more than four years as a resident in Waterloo, Audrey feels it is now time for a change in representation in Bishops Ward. The South Bank is changing quickly, and her fear is there will no longer be a living community in the ward if more hotels continue to be built aimed at supporting a tourist-driven local economy, not one that provides for adequate social housing and community resources.

A committed anti-Brexit campaigner, Bishop's Ward residents come not just from London, or the rest of the UK, or just the European Union but much further afield as well. But the threat of Brexit to social care services in Lambeth can’t be ignored. It needs to be managed sensibly with a long-term vision in place and the Liberal Democrats have a strong record at a national level in doing just that.

Charley Hasted

Untitled_design_(20).jpgCharley Hasted is a lifelong Lambeth resident, from Herne Hill, and currently works for the NHS in Bishop's wardThey live with their disabled mother who they have cared for since childhood.  Charley has volunteered with a number of organisations including Stonewall, Lambeth College, the Patchwork Foundation and a local primary school to name a few.

Charley has a long history of working for the rights of young people, carers, disabled people and LGBT people, from helping set up groups for young carers and LGBT young people’s groups as a teenager through to work with the National Union of Students and working as a Youth worker and with AimHigher to increase aspirations for young people. They have devoted their life to trying to make sure that nobody is prevented from doing their best in life, no matter what their background.

Charley is standing for the council this year because they have had enough of watching our Labour council talk about improving things for residents while closing our libraries, demolishing our social housing, destroying our communities, leaving our elderly and disabled residents without proper care and support, and failing our young people again and again. 

It’s time Bishops ward got the representation it deserves and only your Liberal Democrat candidates have the determination, commitment, independence and passion to be real representatives for you here.

Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett


Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett is a respected equality campaigner, who led the Liberal Democrat campaign for Equal Marriage, from authoring the party conference motion in 2010 through to seeing the policy enshrined in law in 2013.

He has volunteered as the Equalities Research Advisor to the Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson in the House of Lords since 2016.

He is Chair of Peabody Estate, Stamford Street, a former school governor, and in 2015 became the first openly HIV+ parliamentary candidate to stand at a UK general election when he ran for the Vauxhall constituency - while simultaneously contesting a council by-election in Princes ward, in which he finished second.

A European Studies graduate, he has worked in legal translation, and for Southwark Council, where he worked in Housing, Education, Strategy & Development and Children's services. He now works in the not for profit sector as Global Diversity & Inclusion Adviser for the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion and lives in Lambeth’s Bishops ward with his husband.


Published and promoted by Ben Austin on behalf of Charley Hasted, Audrey Eager, and Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett (Liberal Democrat) all at 18a Trinity Gardens, London SW9 8DP.

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