Lambeth Liberal Democrats' manifesto: What we stand for

At this election, Liberal Democrats are fighting for a better, more accountable Lambeth Council.

  • We want a council that listens to you, and respects you.
  • We want a council that stands up to property speculators and protects council estates.
  • We want a council that is innovative, and finds creative solutions to issues impacting our communities.
  • And we also want the Council to work better for you, making sure your money is well spent, and that your priorities are reflected in council decisions.

Liberal Democrats are #RethinkingLambeth, bringing forward a set of fresh ideas to make Lambeth work better for you, and become a better place to live for all. On 3rd May, voting for three Liberal Democrat councillors in your area will ensure you have representatives that respect you and have the backbone to fight your corner.

Together we can create a more open, tolerant and united future for Lambeth.


#Rethinking Planning & Housing

We will end Labour’s war on council housing. We will not allow estate regeneration to move forward unless approved by a majority of residents on estates.

We will stand up to developers, and reject any development proposal which does not meet the Council’s policy of 40% affordable housing. We will use powers of compulsory purchase to remove land from developers who are refusing to build.

We will end the scandal of “buy-to-leave” by using powers available to councils to take over empty homes and rent them out.

We will stop Labour’s unfair policy of only allowing residents two minutes to speak at planning meetings, when developers are invited in for private meetings with councillors. Local people must be guaranteed the same access to the Council as developers.

#Rethinking Communities, Equality & Transport

We will make sure that local businesses are protected from speculative landowners. We will do this by introducing planning protections for important community centres. Labour are ripping the heart out of our communities by allowing the redevelopment of the Brixton Arches and other areas.

Local streets should first and foremost be spaces for people. We will introduce simple measures like those used in the Netherlands to cut rat running and transform our neighbourhoods into safer places with a much greater community feel, while ensuring that those who need to use a car can continue to do so.

We’ll double the amount of on-street cycle storage for those who would like to own a bike but can’t keep it indoors.

We will not allow the council to contract with companies that are not living wage employers.

We will continue to support the community-led campaign to save our libraries. Neighbouring boroughs have opened new libraries. Lambeth Labour have closed ours. The Liberal Democrats in Lambeth are happy to support the “Defend the Ten” campaign. If a Labour candidate comes to your door - ask them why they are not supporting the campaign to save our libraries!

We will celebrate all aspects of Lambeth’s diversity. We believe it is our strength.

#Rethinking Brexit

We will continue to fight for an exit from Brexit.

Brexit is a divisive policy that Lambeth people don’t want. Lambeth Labour cannot be trusted. They face both ways on the issue and continue to support Lambeth’s pro Brexit MP.

#Rethinking Accountability

We will make sure that the Council has to listen to you. We will do this by ensuring that the Council’s scrutiny committee, which is currently run by a colleague of the Leader of the Council, is always run by the opposition. We will appoint independent citizen auditors to council committees to hold our feet to the fire – giving groups like the People’s Audit an official role in the oversight of the Council.  

We will champion transparency. We will publish as much information as possible, to make sure you see for yourselves how we are spending your money.

We will cut salaries of senior staff, rather than cutting jobs. No one working at the Council should earn more than the Prime Minister.  

#Rethinking the Environment

We will make our streets cleaner. We will do this by restoring the street cleaning budget which has been slashed by Labour. Whilst the Labour Council has spent tens of millions of pounds of your money on their new town hall, our streets have been filling up with rubbish.

We will support a green energy revolution for Lambeth. We want Lambeth to be the most innovative borough in the country when it comes to taking action on energy. We will put solar panels on every council property – including council estates.

We will make electric cars practical for everyone. We will build out regular charging points across the borough with the goal of one per street by 2022. We will also build a network of fast charging stations, with at least two per ward by 2019, so commercial users, like taxi or van drivers, can safely make the switch.

We will eliminate plastic waste. We will introduce a ban on single-use plastics on all council properties and at all events held on council properties.

We will champion our parks. We will stop Labour selling our parks to private event organisers for months at a time. Parks should be open for all.                       


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