Thurlow Park candidates for Lambeth council

Meet the team of Liberal Democrat candidates standing for election to Lambeth Council in May 2018 to represent Thurlow Park ward. Contact the team at

Doug Buist 


Doug has lived in the Thurlow Park ward for five years. He joined the Liberal Democrats in the aftermath of the 2015 General Election. Brought up in Scotland and Essex, Doug has lived in London since 2001. He works as Head of CRM & Brand for Shakespeare’s Globe (a charity based in Bankside), is a trustee of 1st Place Children & Parents’ Centre in Walworth, and has campaigned on local issues nearer to home.
He is excited to have been selected to represent the Lib Dems in the community his family enjoy living in. He is committed to it making it a better place for everyone to live.
Doug has two young sons, the eldest of whom has autism and attends a specialist school in Lambeth. Education, including special educational needs and disability, affordable childcare, services for young people, culture and diversity, parks, safe and clean spaces for cyclists and pedestrians, transport, housing and ensuring that the residents of West Dulwich, West Norwood, Herne Hill and Lambeth can access the support they need from their Council will be the issues at the heart of his campaign. He welcomes hearing the views of members and residents on all issues of concern to them. Doug blogs at or follow him on Twitter @dougbuist.

Kathy Erasmus


 Arriving in London from Manchester at the age of 18, Kathy got involved with the 'Foodies' revolution bringing nouvelle cuisine and Michelin stars to London restaurants. She ran a successful retail business in Chelsea for 25 years, learning the secret of success is hard work - and owning the most popular Westie in town.  Although his name was Paddington he became an honorary Chelsonian.

Kayaking on The Thames, cycling around the UK and Europe and running are important to Kathy. She has raised £1,000s of pounds  for Action Aid by running The Great South Run once, The Great North Run twice and The London Marathon.

Kathy rates joining the LibDems as one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. She says: "LibDems are amongst the most imaginative, amusing, articulate and intelligent people I have met. They are individuals carrying a torch for individuals."

A champion of free speech and democracy, if elected Kathy will fight Lambeth Council on any issue that affects her constituents, and on any issue that she feels is unjust or unfair.

Bryan Mahon


Bryan has lived in London for 10 years. Born in Dublin, his family moved to Wales in the eighties. A proud European having studied in Sweden and in the US, he now works as an analyst for a pension fund.

Bryan moved to Tulse Hill three years ago with his wife and they are expecting their first baby in the New Year. He cycles to work as it’s slightly less stressful than getting the train through morning rush hour. Having grown up in Wales, Bryan was a rugby coach for Southwark for a number of seasons and still manages to get out to play a match now and then.

He says: "I joined the Liberal Democrats as the Britain I grew up in and the London I know is nothing like what I read online or see on TV. London is a liberal city, and I want our politics in Lambeth to reflect that."

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Published and promoted by Alex Haylett on behalf of Doug Buist, Kathy Erasmus and Bryan Mahon (Liberal Democrat) all at 88 Effra Parade, SW2 1PR

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