A letter from Sarah Lewis: Liberal Democrat Campaigner For Vauxhall

Dear Friend,

Why is it so difficult to get support for our mental health?

When a friend, child or relative experiences mental ill health, it can feel impossible to get any kind of
support. Endless waiting lists can leave us feeling helpless.

I believe that we need a kinder, fairer Britain where we treat mental health the same as physical

This means:

  • Protecting young people by giving them the mental health support they need. Half of all mental health challenges start by age 14 and three quarters by age 24.
  • More and better council homes Almost one in three people say housing costs are causing stress and depression in their family.
  • Giving renters a predictable tenancy and rent they can afford so they can plan for the future. 12.2 million people are kept awake at night by the stress of paying for their rent or mortgage.
  • Legalise cannabis. Give people access to mental health without being called criminals.

The Liberal Democrats will cut waiting times in our NHS, increase access to mental health support and ensure it’s properly funded.

To do this, we must stop Brexit and then invest in mental health support for everyone.

Please support me to build this kinder, fairer Britain. Support me to be your MP on Thursday 12th

Sarah Lewis


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