All aboard for Gina Miller’s tactical voting guide


Pro-Europe campaigner Gina Miller met with Liberal Democrat candidate George Turner to endorse him as the tactical voting choice in Vauxhall.

Ms Miller, who founded crowdfunded tactical voting campaign Best for Britain ahead of the election, met George on a boat on the Thames in a recreation of the infamous photo of Kate Hoey and Nigel Farage on the Brexit flotilla before last year’s referendum.

Ms Hoey’s constituents voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU, leading to her seat being a top target on a hitlist put together by Remain campaign groups Open Britain, European Movement and Britain For Europe.


Ms Miller believes tactical voting will play an important role in this election. The Best For Britain website has a Tactical Voting Dashboard where people can find out which candidates will oppose an extreme Brexit that harms the economy and public services. It has raised £400,000 through online crowdfunding.

Vauxhall is the second most searched constituency on their site.

Ms Miller said: “It's not about undoing Brexit — it's about executing it in a way that's transparent, holds up to scrutiny, and doesn't give the government a blank cheque."

The event was attended by activists and campaigners, both from the Liberal Democrats and pro-European groups. The crowd was told by Gina, who usually votes Labour, that she was backing George in Vauxhall because she wanted ‘real game-changers’ in Parliament who would hold the government to account.

She went on to criticise Theresa May’s record, saying that her no-show at the debate was ‘totally scandalous’ and called into question her negotiation skills.


George said: "I am very confident that we can pull off a big upset here. Brexit is an issue that people really care about and we've been getting a huge response on the doorstep.

"Brexit is going to dominate the political space for the next few years and one of the great disappointments is how little detail the government has come forward with. This is going to re-define all of our lives. The fact that the government has gone to the polls without saying in any meaningful way what their vision is for the country is a total failure on their part.

"If elected I will do all I can to make hold the government to account and prevent a hard brexit that will be a disaster for the UK."

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