As a party rooted in community values, we will be looking to support the Council and other volunteer initiatives to do whatever we can to ensure that residents across Lambeth are getting the support they need.

A central theme for Siobhan Benita is the power of kindness.

Making these Calling with Kindness phone calls is one important way we can identify people who might be struggling at this time. We will be contacting residents across Lambeth:  

  • To connect self-isolating individuals with nearby members or volunteer groups to help with shopping or other requirements.
  • To provide the relevant information and links to the council guidance for specific and/or additional needs. 
  • To talk with residents who may be feeling extremely lonely during this period of social distancing and self isolation and would like to have a general chitchat! 

For all volunteers that wish to help, we will provide a script and links to external and council resources. There will also be plenty of other experienced members you will be volunteering with. 

Please visit Siobhan Benita website for full details on how you can get involved. 

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