Campaigning Suspended

Following the attacks at London Bridge the Vauxhall Liberal Democrats have taken a decision to suspend campaigning today, Sunday 4 June. This decision has been taken after discussion with the Vauxhall Labour Party who are also suspending campaigning. 

The incident last night will be particularly painful for many people living in our community. Many people living in Vauxhall will work in the London Bridge area and many will have been caught up in last night's events. 

Our thoughts and sympathies are with everyone who has been affected by this terrible incident, and our gratitude and solidarity are with the emergency services who reacted so quickly to stem the loss of life and deal with the attackers.

Like the attacks in Manchester just a few weeks ago the perpetrators targeted the young who were out having fun on a Saturday night. There are simply no words that can describe the immorality of people who commit such crimes.

The people who carried out last night's attack are not representative of any faith, community or political group. They are nothing more than low-down murderers seeking to disrupt our way of life. We shall not give in to fear.

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