Charley Hasted

I’m Charley Hasted and I’m asking for your support in Waterloo and South-Bank.

I’ve lived in Lambeth nearly all my life and Waterloo and South-Bank has been central to me. I went to a youth group at the Living Space, Counselling on Lower Marsh and I’ve worked for the Ambulance Service at Waterloo Road for 4 years.

I understand the importance of Waterloo and South-Bank to people who live here and the social, cultural and economic life of Lambeth. That’s why I stood here in 2018 and I want to stand again in 2022.

My priorities for Waterloo and South-Bank would be threefold – air pollution, development and antisocial behaviour.

  • Our ward is home to some of the most polluting roads in Lambeth – I will work to reduce traffic levels by campaigning for better traffic management, better road maintenance and cycling infrastructure and measures like increasing green walls and street planting- both proven to reduce air pollution levels.
  • We’ve experienced a lot of redevelopment and this has not always been to our benefit– I will hold Labour’s feet to the fire on their failure to consider infrastructure needs of new developments or meet targets on affordable and social housing provision.
  • We’ve always welcomed visitors here but being a centre of tourism and the social life of London can bring crime and anti-social behaviour. I’ll work with local residents and organisations including the South-Bank Business Crime Reduction Partnership to ensure you can enjoy your homes and neighbourhoods in peace and safety.

I’m already working to support people here including leading on the Ambulance Service Christmas appeal for Waterloo foodbank and acting as a trustee for a local charity and I’m committed to continuing that.

I hope you’ll support me to become your councillor so I can keep working for you.

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