Clapham Common and Abbeville



Fareed Alderechi

I am a dedicated campaigner, who believes that local politics can and should be a force for good. Since moving here in 2016, I have come to recognise the value of the community we have here; how it is a source of dignity and strength to everyone who lives here. But I also see how ill-served the community was with a local politics that was at best lacking and at worst, downright hostile. Having dealt with the system at times of need, as a mixed-race man with a foreign partner; I got involved and stood because I thought, as I still do, that things do not have to be like this. We can do better.

I moved down here originally for University, and since then have worked with some charities, working on widening access to justice and legal representation nationally and locally; and more recently, on working to procure funding for vaccines across the developing world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I am here because I want to help. I want to see a local politics that is as responsive and inclusive as our community; that builds on what is already here and speaks up for us when we need it.


Ben Curtis

I’m a passionate and energetic young campaigner who wants to make a difference in Clapham Common & Abbeville. After struggling to even get a response from local representatives – I decided to stand for election, because residents here simply deserve better. Clapham is the amazing area that I am delighted to call home but a lack of accountability at Council level is damaging the area that I care about so much. I want to put residents first, to propose sustainable solutions that will benefit Clapham Common & Abbeville in the short-term and for the future. For too long, residents’ views like mine have come a distant second to the will of the single party echo chamber in Brixton – and I’m on a mission to change that.

Day to day, I work in strategic innovation for a financial technology company. I live on Cautley Avenue with my two lovely, if slightly loopy, dogs and my lovely, not at all loopy, girlfriend. I’m also the part-owner of a football team based on the South Coast and recently led a campaign against the European Super League proposals. We want to make a difference to people’s lives here and to combat the issues that have been around for decades and longer.

We don’t need multi-million-pound promises, nor do we need more rhetoric – we need to create policy in conjunction with the residents that make this area so wonderful.



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