Community consultation needed on new Streatham Common housing


Last year, it was announced a mixed-use housing development was planned for the site where Homebase currently stands on 100 Woodgate Drive in Streatham Common and Vale. Lambeth Liberal Democrats actively campaigns for new council houses in the borough, but we've heard local residents share several concerns about the plans and it isn't clear how many of the homes being built will be truly affordable new council homes. 

We've heard local residents share several concerns that haven't been properly responded to by the developers or the council. The housing proposed for the site is a tower block of considerable height, which could overshadow low-level existing residential streets and block out light. The site is the size of a football pitch and the architect appointed proposes much more than just housing. Proposals include the introduction of green space and retail and commercial amenities, on a car-free site. The area already has issues with parking and residential streets could suffer if the new space draws in increased footfall with no space for people to park. Only 35% of the new housing offered is set to be 'affordable'. Will this be yet another new development promising council homes that in reality see's private luxury apartments built with a small number of council homes provided as an afterthought? 

The Mayor of London's Emerging London plan requires the introduction of 13,350 new homes in the borough during the next decade. Something Lambeth Liberal Democrats support and encourage. With Streatham designated as an area of high potential for development, it is crucial that the existing local community feel welcome to share views on new plans, and that their thoughts are acted upon. For new housing to be a success, developments need to ensure existing and new residents can live in harmony. 

Introducing new homes in the heart of Streatham Common, close to the railway and high street, with a large number of residents nearby, the development must meet the real need for local council homes, built sensitively to the existing community.

Have you tried to contact the council and developers on their plans and are feeling ignored? Get in touch with your local Liberal Democrat candidates Donna Harris and Matthew Bryant at [email protected] so we can understand your views and help you make the case for better consultation.

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