Demanding an end to dangerous air quality monitoring gaps in Lambeth

Local Lib Dems Donna Harris and Matthew Bryant are calling for Lambeth Council to radically expand the monitoring of local air quality. 

The Borough only has three fixed air quality monitors at Vauxhall, Brixton and St Leonard’s in Streatham. The site for our area on the South Circular near Streatham Hill was closed over a decade ago. In comparison to Wandsworth to the west and Southwark to the east each monitoring at double the number of sites.

To add injury, none of Lambeth’s monitoring stations measures “PM2.5” levels. These are small particulates that can penetrate into the lungs and impair child brain development and cause asthma, lung & heart disease. In London over 9,000 deaths are attributed to poor air quality each year costing the NHS between £1.4 and £3.7 billion a year.

“Air quality is a major health concern for families and individuals living in London,” said local Lib Dem Matthew Bryant, “Lambeth needs more monitoring to establish a baseline to work and improve from. The Council needs to take this threat far more seriously.”

To find out more about how Matthew and Donna are campaigning for change in Hyde Farm, Streatham Hill and Thornton Road click here.


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