Demand better for Brixton: our manifesto for Coldharbour

It’s time for a positive change in Brixton – let’s invest in the future.

We demand better.


Working for a charity I know the importance of investing in changing lives.

I want Lambeth Council to show more respect and do more for our community.

Our campaign is about giving every child and young person a better start in life, tackling the housing crisis in the area to keep Brixton a caring multi-generational community, making our streets safer and improving transport connections to jobs around the capital.

The Lambeth Liberal Democrats will work hard for you to get the Council to tackle these challenges.

We can be a fresh voice in the Town Hall. We will be your voice.

We have four strong commitments for a better Brixton.

1. Demand better for our young people



We want to give every child and teenager the best start in life. That means access to nurseries, children’s centre, youth clubs with arts and sports activities, and safe places to study and get online. Let’s do it. Our children deserve respect.



2. Demand better for our communityIMG_20180815_192927.jpg

We will hold Labour and developers to account for their failures to deliver their housing promises. We want Brixton to remain a vibrant, multi-generational community. That means more decent homes that local people can afford to live in. 

3. Demand better action on crime



We can’t tackle crime with cuts. Tory austerity and the Labour mayor’s plan for the Met means fewer officers on the streets and a more dangerous environment for our children and young people. We will fight for council investment in community policing in Brixton. 


4. Demand better connections for BrixtonIMG_20180819_102020.jpg

We are campaigning for a new TfL Overground station in Brixton. This will give our young people greater access to jobs around the capital. Lib Dem chair of the GLA Transport Committee, Caroline Pidgeon, is backing our plan. Add your voice to our petition.


Published and promoted by A. Haylett on behalf of Doug Buist (Liberal Democrats) all at 88 Effra Parade, London, SW2 1PR





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