Donate to the Dulwich and West Norwood fighting fund

We are at a critical moment in history. We have just over a month to stop Brexit, and we could be facing a General Election at any time. We must make sure we are ready for the fight ahead.

The Liberal Democrats are in a strong position for the fight, both nationally with seven new MPs and 40,000 new members, as well as locally. The local team is working hard to get Ade Fatukasi elected at the next General Election. But to be in a position to win, we need to do everything we can to find our supporters and run a highly visible campaign. 

Labour are funded by unions, Tories are funded by big business. We rely on donations from our generous members and supporters to get our message to voters.

Please support Ade Fatukasi and the Dulwich and West Norwood Lib Dem team by making a donation below. 

£450.00 raised
GOAL: £7,000.00