79% of people in Lambeth voted to remain in the EU. It’s no surprise. This is an incredibly diverse, open and welcoming community where people recognise, and believe in the opportunities that a strong Britain at the heart of the EU can bring.

But, time and time again, the people of Vauxhall have seen their views rejected by our current MP, Kate Hoey – an ‘at all costs’ Brexiteer, who received funds from UKIP sponsor Aaron Banks. 

In this election UKIP have now endorsed Kate Hoey and will not be standing a candidate in Vauxhall! In the months since, Kate Hoey has:

  • Voted against giving our NHS the extra £350 million a week she and other pro-Leave campaigners promised during the Referendum campaign.     
  • Voted against protecting the rights of EU citizens living in our area, and across the UK, increasing uncertainty and fear.
  • Voted against the UK remaining in the Single Market, putting people’s jobs and livelihoods on the line.
  • Voted against an amendment to stop the government turning the UK into a tax haven after Brexit, risking vital public services.
  • Voted to give the Tories a blank cheque on Brexit, at a time when the present Government has already proved itself wholly unprepared for the tough negotiations ahead.

It’s time for a fresh start. Vauxhall needs an MP that believes in Britain’s place in Europe, and will represent their best interests in Westminster. George Turner is the only candidate that will deliver.

George is a committed European, with a masters degree in European Studies from the Johns’ Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. George is a fluent Italian and Croatian speaker and also speaks French.   If elected to parliament George will fight for the rights of EU citizens living in the UK. He will oppose any attempts to use brexit to turn the UK into a tax haven. He will do all he can to ensure environmental protections and workers rights currently guaranteed by the European Union are protected in UK law.

He will use his vote in parliament to oppose brexit and make sure that people in the UK have a say on the final deal the government reaches with the European commission. George is fighting every day against a Hard Brexit and for the fair, open and tolerant Britain the people of Vauxhall believe in and want.