Fareed Alderechi

In 2016, I moved here from Liverpool, aware that like my hometown, Lambeth hosted an ineffectual Labour council. I arrived shortly before the EU Referendum and as a long supporting member, I (alongside many others) started to ask why and how such a thing could happen. I played a leading role in the 2019 general election campaign in Vauxhall, which gave me the chance to speak with members and the broader electorate over an intense six months. It seemed the same answers to the referendum question were given irrespective of allegiance; both consistent and familiar. I recognised the distrust of power; the belief that political institutions were not their friend. In other words, I recognised Labour’s neglect.

That sting of neglect is not a blank space, but a vessel into which belief in values, and in openness are allowed to degenerate into despair and disengagement at best, and into downright grievance at worst. And we cannot allow our politics to be lost to grievance.

I am running because I believe rebuilding trust, facing down that neglect and overcoming the politics of grievance begins with our community. It begins with the fight for an effective opposition on the council, that can by our example show that politics need not be a distant thing- and by our party values, of compassion and tolerance, show that politics can be a force for good.

As a candidate, I will prioritise listening and involving people in the political process, and rebuilding contact between people and their local government; and in doing so, hold the current council leadership to account.

I am running because I am a liberal, and to be a liberal is to give people a platform to approach power without fear or resignation. And I believe it is a fight we can win.

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