Our questions for Labour Lambeth over music festival plans for Brockwell Park

Here we go again.

Another week, and another Lambeth Labour consultation causing anger. Following the Mamma Mia! debacle, this week it’s the plans to bring the Field Day music festival to Brockwell Park.

We believe that events in our parks can and should be part of making them a vibrant community resource. We also know that the Labour-run council need to listen to residents’ concerns about the impact that such events have.



Field Day, and associated events, will run from 1-3 June with up to 40,000 expected at the main event on the Saturday. The build and get out for the event will mean disruption in the park from 20 May to 10 June, with the half-term break right in the middle.

Lambeth Liberal Democrats have the following questions for Lambeth Labour:

  • Is it a genuinely good deal for the local community? We need to see reinvestment into the park infrastructure from these events. It is estimated there will be up to £35,000 from the Park Investment Levy and the council won’t reveal any further income due to ‘commercial sensitivities’ – is this worth the disruption?
  • Is the event likely to cause harm to the park or community? Residents at a meeting on Monday evening raised several concerns including noise levels, potential negative impact on the environment, wildlife and local businesses, and the loss of the park as a resource for three weeks.
  • Will elected Labour councillors and MPs listen to the views of local residents if they go against the Labour leadership’s plans? There are many innovative ways that events can be made sustainable, in harmony with the local community as part of a creative park strategy. It’s time for Labour to listen.

Lambeth residents can make a submission as to how the event may affect them or their community by 9 December, by emailing Brockwell Park Community Partners: [email protected]

You may also wish to contact your councillors and MP.

Let us know your views too by commenting on our Facebook page or email the Thurlow Park team at [email protected].

Doug Buist, Cathy Erasmus and Bryan Mahon, your Thurlow Park focus team 

Doug Buist, Cathy Erasmus and Bryan Mahon, your Thurlow Park focus team

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