Free Parking for Carers

Neighbouring boroughs do not charge carers for parking.

Lambeth carers are expected to pay for parking, or use a residents or visitors permit at a cost of £5.48 per voucher with a maximum of 50 vouchers per year. Wandsworth and Greenwich do not charge. Southwark charges £125 per annum. 

Vulnerable people deserve to retain their independence

The most vulnerable people in our society deserve access to care, support and assistance to maintain independence and dignity. 

We must respect the work of our frontline workers

In the wake of coronavirus, the service our carers provide must to be revalued. Carers provide a vital need, working around the clock and for low pay.

Marjorie - Balham

"My carer comes every day of the year with a heart-warming smile and a willingness which always makes me feel better. Yet she has to hurry. She helps me get me up, showered and dressed - ready for the day. First, she has to find somewhere to park. Then she dismantles my overnight feeding system, makes my bed, and a little breakfast. For the last few months under lockdown, she’s also dealt with the rubbish and swept and mopped the kitchen floor. When ten o’clock comes, here in Thornton ward she is in danger of being penalised if she does not pay a parking charge."

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