Garden Bridge scrapped - George Turner's reaction


The scrapping of the Garden Bridge is brilliant news for the people of Vauxhall and south London. The project was one of the most irresponsible wastes of public money we have seen for some years.

It was never wanted by the people who live and work around the South Bank, as it would have devastated this treasured area of London. The projection from the Garden Bridge Trust was that it would have generated 8million visits a year in this already crowded area of the city.

I have been a supporter of the campaign to stop the Garden Bridge from day one. Indeed it was my judicial review of the Shell Centre planning application that encouraged local residents to take Lambeth to court over the bridge. That court action, which was successful, proved pivotal in the campaign's success.

If the scheme had not been so ardently supported by the Lambeth Labour Party for so long, which involved spending vast sums of money on barristers to defend the bridge, then the whole thing would have been put to bed months ago, and so much public money could have been saved.

We should now turn our attention to those who profited from the scheme at our expense, and make sure the people who so freely spent our cash on this absurdity are properly held to account.

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