Passionate about politics, and a dedicated campaigner, George will fight for the issues that matter to Vauxhall.



Too many working people are already struggling to get by, and the Conservative government’s planned benefit cuts and irrational commitment to a Hard Brexit will only make things harder.

Research by the Institue of Fiscal Research shows that the current Government’s plans to slash working-age benefits, alongside rising prices, will leave almost 3 million working households an average of £2,500 a year worse off.

As your MP, George will work to help Britain build a sustainable and growing economy where people and business can thrive.



A good education can take you anywhere. But, in today’s Britain, it’s still the case that where you’re born, and who your parents are, impacts how well you do in school and the rest of your life.

This makes the current Conservative government’s plans, supported by local MP Kate Hoey, to return to selective education, all the more unacceptable. This new generation of grammar schools will disproportionately benefit children from wealthier backgrounds, leaving others behind.

If you elect George as your MP, he will do everything he can to ensure Britain’s education system serves the needs of every child, regardless of their background and circumstance.

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Back in June last year, the people of Vauxhall voted overwhelming to Remain in the EU. While the current local MP, Kate Hoey campaigned hard for Brexit, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Nigel Farage and the rest of UKIP.

Such is her commitment as a ‘Good Brexiteer’ that UKIP have committed to supporting her by not standing a candidate in Vauxhall, and last year, multi-millionaire UKIP donor Arron Banks donated £5,000 to Kate Hoey.

As the UK negotiates its post-Brexit future, the people of Vauxhall need an MP like George who will truly represent us. George is the only candidate you can count on to support an open, tolerant and pro-European Vauxhall.

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Britain needs a health and social care system that works for everyone. But, with the NHS and our social care system in crisis, the market-driven approach of the Tories is failing. The current Government’s unrelenting push towards hard Brexit – enthusiastically endorsed by Vauxhall’s MP Kate Hoey – will also drive out many thousands of the vital doctors, nurses and carers working so hard in the NHS today.

The major investment and capacity challenges facing our health service won’t be solved through petty party politics. That is why the Liberal Democrats have established an independent panel of leading experts to recommend funding solutions that are fair, sustainable and practical.

Elect George as your MP, and he will fight to make sure that our national health system has the people and funding it needs to deliver high quality care – for both mental and physical health.

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House prices and rents in London just keep escalating, and more and more people can no longer afford to live in parts of our constituency.

Rows of high-rise luxury apartments and hotels go up around us. Rogue landlords flout planning laws, and exploit vulnerable people in desperate need of a home.

George has a proven track record of fighting for better, more affordable housing for all and won’t back down from challenging big companies, oligarchs, and corrupt landlords that blight people’s lives.

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As diverse and LGBT-friendly as Vauxhall is, stigma and intolerance still exists. The fight continues to eradicate inequality locally as well as across the globe. Through the funding of appropriate NHS healthcare and a commitment to ensuring LGBT relationships and transgender issues are part of the curriculum, we can help close the inequality gap.

The LGBT venues that help define Vauxhall are increasingly at risk from greedy developers and need additional protection to ensure there will always be a welcome, and safe space for the community.

George will fight to ensure inequality remains a high priority target for eradication, internationally, nationally and locally.



The fight for gender equality and women’s rights is far from done. As a society, we still fail too many women and girls experiencing, or at risk of, violence, discrimination and abuse.

Our boardrooms and corridors of power remain dominated by men. Outdated attitudes and a lack of affordable childcare, flexibility and support continue to reduce the choices of new parents, and make it harder for some women to return to work when they’d like.

Crucially, essential women’s rights, previously protected by EU law, are now at risk from Brexit. If elected, George will work not only to secure and strengthen these rights, but also to ensure that everyone – women and men – can fulfil their potential in a fairer, more equal Britain.

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