Lambeth Conservative Councillor declines to join residents in calling for Johnson's resignation

With an ongoing body of evidence emerging, shedding light on yet more parties at No 10 during the COVID national lockdowns, Liberal Democrat campaigners Fareed Alderechi and Ben Curtis wrote to Lambeth Tory Councillor Tim Briggs asking him to follow the lead of his colleagues in Scotland and Suffolk, and call for the PM's resignation.


However, Councillor Briggs declined, saying: "I focus on Clapham Common and Lambeth issues as a local councillor." 

In their letter to Councillor Briggs, Curtis and Alderechi commented: "Just yesterday evening, we spoke to one resident of our ward who manages a care home and voted Conservative in the 2019 General Election. She was furious that whilst those in her care were unable to see their families, and whilst she, like so many, were doing their utmost to protect others, the Prime Minister thought it right to party in the garden of Number 10. We hope you agree that, with everything people have gone through, the Prime Minister should be at least as accountable as any of us.”

This is in contrast to others in the Conservative Party, who already recognise the anger up and down the country. In Lichfield, formerly Conservative now Independent Councillor Cllr Alastair Little wrote to members: ”From breaches of rules in Conservative central office, trips to castles by senior advisors, laughing press officers, extra marital affairs in Government departments and now a garden party at Number 10, the sacrifices the country made have been merely mocked behind the scenes… we are not in a situation where the laws apply to all.”

The response from Councillor Briggs really begs the question: what would the prime minister have to do to lose the support of the Lambeth Tories?  

The Liberal Democrats in Lambeth will continue to stand with everyone in Clapham Common & Abbeville who has struggled during this pandemic; and to fight to uphold those standards we all expect from those trusted with public office.

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