Kate Hoey breaking the Labour whip (again) on Brexit Amendment 7 is a betrayal


I stood for election in the 2017 General Election to challenge Kate Hoey on her continued campaigning for a damaging hard Brexit with far right politicians like Nigel Farage.

Ms Hoey was clearly concerned about the strength of our campaign and repeatedly told the electorate that she understood our pro-European community's anxieties and concerns about Brexit, and committed to support the Labour party position on Brexit led by Sir Keir Starmer. Many Labour voters were reassured by her support for her party.

You can therefore imagine my horror to see Kate Hoey breaking the Labour Whip on Wednesday night to vote with the Tory government on the amendment to give parliament a meaningful vote on the terms of any Brexit deal. Thankfully there were enough Tory rebels who were brave enough to stand up to Theresa May, the DUP and Ms Hoey to carry Amendment 7.

Of course, we all know that Kate has been anti European for a long time, but all Wednesday's amendment sought to do was to do was to give parliament control and oversight over the current Brexit negotiations. The UK parliament taking back control. Exactly what Vote Leave said they were campaigning for.

Kate Hoey is now officially the most rebellious MP of this parliament, voting consistently with the Tories since being re-elected in June.

The Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party should be ashamed of themselves, but they are shameless. They tell local people that they are fully behind our continued engagement with the European Union, and yet they continue to support Ms Hoey. Since the election the hard liners in the local Labour party have even purged some local Labour members who refused to campaign for her in the last election.

We have another opportunity to send the Vauxhall Labour party a message in 2018 with the local council elections. Since the election I have been supporting our local candidates in their campaigns for Lambeth 2018.

Our candidates are out campaigning throughout the borough every weekend, and they need your help. Would you be willing to spend a few hours supporting them?



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