Fox Hunting: Kate Hoey

The Liberal Democrats and George Turner are champions of animal welfare issues and are strongly opposed to any repeal of the hunting ban. By contrast, Kate Hoey, the Labour candidate in Vauxhall, is unashamedly in support of fox hunting.

Opposition to the hunting ban

As the constituency’s MP, she consistently voted AGAINST the hunting ban.

Ms Hoey was in the minority, and the Hunting Act was passed in 2004, making it illegal to hunt wild animals such as foxes, deer, hares and mink with dogs, although they are still allowed to flush out wild animals.

Chairman of the Countryside Alliance

In 2005 Ms Hoey became Chairman of the Countryside Alliance -  the organisation that led the campaign to keep hunting going. 

A consistent supporter of hunting

The weekend after the ban came into force, Hoey went hunting with the Beaufort. In a speech before setting out, she described Labour colleagues who supported the ban as “prejudiced and bigoted”.

She remains a consistent supporter of hunting and admits foxes are still often killed by the hounds, despite the law. When pressed on the issue by the Telegraph, Hoey was not at all concerned about breaking the law, saying: "It depends what you mean by breaking the law.

"How do you know you're breaking the law when the law is just full of so many inconsistencies?” Read the full interview.

The public view

The British public are overwhelmingly in favour of the ban remaining in place. A poll in 2015 showed 84% of the public do not want to see a repeal of the Hunting Act.  

A leaked email emerged earlier this month in which the Chairman of the Council of Hunt Associations urged hunt masters to campaign for Tories in marginal seats because a majority Conservative win would raise the possibility of the hunting ban being repealed. A petition to keep the hunting ban has been signed by more than 750,000 people in a week.

The Liberal Democrat view

George Turner reflects the views of the British public and will vote against a repeal, as will all other Lib Dem candidates.

Given Ms Hoey’s voting history, there is little doubt that if a vote is held to repeal the ban, Ms Hoey will be voting for the full return of hunting with hounds. George Turner will not.