Lambeth Boundary Review Update July

Suggested points to make in response to the Boundary Commission proposals for Clapham


  • The Abbeville area within Clapham is a distinct and separate community focused around the shops in Abbeville Rd. The area which it is proposed to link the Abbeville Rd area, the other side of Clapham Park Rd running down to Clapham North station is not part of the same community.
  • The area around Notre Dame Estate and St Alphonsus Rd naturally look towards Clapham High St for shopping and entertainment rather than Abbeville Rd or Clapham South
  • The Oaklands estate (which the Commission is proposing to move out of the same ward as Abbeville) is a clear part of the Abbeville community – far more so than the Notre Dame Estate. The children from the estate tend to go to Bonneville School and people from the estate tend to shop on Abbeville Rd and Tesco at Clapham South.  
  • Oaklands is very much part of the Abbeville community rather than part of the same community as Streatham Hill and the Hyde Farm , as the Council suggests it is.Whilst there are children from the Abbeville area who attend St Marys School this is primarily  because it is a Catholic school rather than being the neighbourhood school for the area.
  • The area around Cla pham South, Clapham Common and Bonneville Primary school come together in an annual fete which brings the whole community together on Abbeville Rd.
  • The Boundary Commission’s original proposals for a two councillor ward for Clapham Abbeville were a far better fit with the natural community of the area than a three councillor ward extending down to Clapham North.
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