Lib Dems renew their commitment to international development spending


The Liberal Democrats successfully fought off a Tory rebellion in one of their last acts in government in 2015 to ensure a 0.7% commitment to international development spending.

And the party proudly continues that policy, renewing its spending commitment in its 2017 election manifesto.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Vauxhall George Turner said: "As an investigative journalist, I have seen first-hand the abject poverty experienced in the developing world. 

"The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world. We have the means as well as the duty to support less well-off nations. We should feel proud of what UK international development spending means for people around the world, and should ensure that funding is protected."

In the face of vociferous criticisms from UKIP on the target and attempts by the Tories to divert the ear-marked budget away from aid programming, Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron is determined Britain should remain a “caring and active player” rather than turning its back on the international stage.

He said: “Liberal Democrats are fierce internationalists, and I am proud of Britain’s record as a world leader in providing help and support to some of the poorest, most vulnerable people in the world.

“UK aid prevents suffering.  It allows girls to stay in school, stops babies from dying of preventable illnesses, and ensures that farmers can sell their crops at a fair price."

The Lib Dems will always fight to ensure Britain lives up to its leadership role in International Development, whether in government or in opposition. A healthier, safer and more stable world is not only in Britain's interests, but also the right thing to do.

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