Lib Dems are the true pro-EU party, say Lambeth Liberal Democrat candidates

Eight Lambeth Lib Dem candidates signed on to a letter published in the Guardian, calling the Labour leadership out on its recent shift in Brexit position.

Our candidates joined one hundred other Lib Dem candidates from wards across London, as well as MPs Sir Vince Cable, Tom Brake, Ed Davey, and London AM Caroline Pidgeon.


The letter points out that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's plan to negotiate a new customs union with the EU is a pointless, costly exercise, and that the Liberal Democrats remain the only pro-EU party.

"Only the Liberal Democrats have unequivocally stood up for the rights of EU citizens from the start.

Only we believe our EU membership is already the best possible deal we can have.

Only we have consistently supported staying inside the single market and customs union through key votes and amendments in parliament.

Only we have promised the people a final say on the government’s Brexit deal."

On 3rd May 2017, vote Liberal Democrat to send a message to the Tories and Labour that Lambeth, a borough that voted 80% to remain, still believes our future is brighter inside the EU.

Liberal Democrats candidates who signed the letter are: Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, Audrey Eager and Charley Hasted (Bishop's), Helen Thompson and Dominic Leigh (Streatham Wells), Doug Buist (Thurlow Park), Mike Hillier and Kathryn Grant (Oval).

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