Liberal Democrats would introduce legal, regulated cannabis market - manifesto pledge

The Lib Dems have announced they will protect young people and strike a blow against criminal gangs by introducing a regulated market for cannabis.

Currently, cannabis is easily available, widely used, and generates vast profits for organised crime.

Potent “skunk” cannabis is also extremely harmful; a recent study of patients in Vauxhall and South London found that 24% of new cases of psychosis were associated with skunk. The study also found that low potency cannabis was not associated with increased risk of psychosis.

The Liberal Democrats propose regulating and controlling the market for cannabis, including introducing safety controls. The strength of cannabis would be limited, and sales would be restricted so they could only be made through licensed outlets to adults over the age of 18.

Estimates suggests this could raise up to £1 billion each year in taxes and savings. The Lib Dems will invest the extra tax revenues in the education system.

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George Turner, Liberal Democrat candidate for Vauxhall, said: "The current laws on the use of cannabis benefit no one other than criminal gangs that make vast profits off the trade in the drug.

"Having a regulated cannabis market would be better for everybody. It would protect young people from criminals. It would make sure that the vast amounts of money currently spent on the drug would be taken away from dealers and instead put to better use through the tax system."

Kate Hoey, Vauxhall’s sitting Labour MP, has written columns for the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday opposing modernisation of our dangerously outdated cannabis laws.


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