We're back!

Here in Lambeth, the Lib Dems are back. 

We have returned three Liberal Democrat councillors to the Town Hall and are now the official opposition group on Lambeth Council. 

Matthew Bryant and Donna Harris were elected to represent Streatham Hill West & Thornton ward. Ben Curtis was elected to represent Clapham Common & Abbeville ward.  

Winning here

Up and down the borough we’ve heard that people have had enough of the way the Tories are governing our country. That's why they voted to remove Lambeth's only Tory councillor from post in Clapham Common & Abbeville.

We’ve also heard that people across Lambeth have had enough of being taken for granted by Labour. Of being represented by Councillors who don’t listen.  

Our Liberal Democrat councillors will work hard for you and for our community. They will challenge vested interests. And they will hold Labour to account. 

We will stand up for the issues that matter to you: 

We’ll fight for housing that local people can truly afford, not big developments for big profits. Clean air. Electric charging points. Community policing that works hand in hand with our communities for the safety of all residents, both at home and on our streets. And we’ll call for further support for our young people, who have faced so many set-backs during the pandemic. 

Most of all, we will be your voice in the Town Hall, whether or not you voted for us. 

Thank you to all across our borough who put your trust in us at these elections.

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