Meet your local candidates

Your local candidates have been selected to represent the Liberal Democrats across Lambeth. 

Ahead of Lambeth going to the polls on 5th May this year, find out why they're passionate about building a council that works for you. 

Get to know the campaigners stepping up as candidates in 2022 for:


Clapham Common & Abbeville 


Fareed Alderechi

I am a dedicated campaigner, who believes that local politics can and should be a force for good. Since moving here in 2016, I have come to recognise the value of the community we have here; how it is a source of dignity and strength to everyone who lives here. But I also see how ill-served the community was with a local politics that was at best lacking and at worst, downright hostile. Having dealt with the system at times of need, as a mixed-race man with a foreign partner; I got involved and stood because I thought, as I still do, that things do not have to be like this. We can do better.

I moved down here originally for University, and since then have worked with some charities, working on widening access to justice and legal representation nationally and locally; and more recently, on working to procure funding for vaccines across the developing world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I am here because I want to help. I want to see a local politics that is as responsive and inclusive as our community; that builds on what is already here and speaks up for us when we need it.

Ben Curtis

I’m a passionate and energetic young campaigner who wants to make a difference in Clapham Common & Abbeville. After struggling to even get a response from local representatives – I decided to stand for election, because residents here simply deserve better. Clapham is the amazing area that I am delighted to call home but a lack of accountability at Council level is damaging the area that I care about so much. I want to put residents first, to propose sustainable solutions that will benefit Clapham Common & Abbeville in the short-term and for the future. For too long, residents’ views like mine have come a distant second to the will of the single party echo chamber in Brixton – and I’m on a mission to change that.

Day to day, I work in strategic innovation for a financial technology company. I live on Cautley Avenue with my two lovely, if slightly crazy, dogs and my long-term partner, Klara. I’m also the part-owner of a football team based on the South Coast and recently led a campaign against the European Super League proposals. We want to make a difference to people’s lives here and to combat the issues that have been around for decades and longer.

We don’t need multi-million-pound promises, nor do we need more rhetoric – we need to develop solutions in conjunction with the residents that make this area so wonderful.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @claphamcommonLD

Phone: 07751 964 723


Waterloo & Southbank


Christopher French

I am proud to have lived and worked in Lambeth for over 10 years, with strong connections to the Waterloo and South Bank ward. I have served as a Special Police Constable in Lambeth with responsibility for policing the ward. You can trust that I really do understand the realities of working for and on behalf of residents. Community, equality and fairness are central values that matter to me. 

I'm Chair and Founder of Lambeth Links, the LGBTQ+ forum for Lambeth, an important group given the borough has the highest number of resident LGBTQ+ people in the UK. I am currently a project manager working for a large professional services firm and previously worked as senior manager for a health care regulator, the Health and Care Professions Council. 

The experience I have gained from these roles coupled with my community values, means I believe I'd make the ideal councillor for you, the residents of Waterloo and South Bank, many of whom I'm pleased to have already met as a candidate. In addition my charity work means I already have strong local connections with many service providers. 

Waterloo and South Bank needs and deserves dedicated local community-focused councillors. This is what the Liberal Democrats stand for, literally!


Doug Buist

Waterloo and the South Bank holds a special place in my life. My eldest son was born at St Thomas’ Hospital in 2011 and I work in the cultural industry; currently as marketing director for one of the resident orchestras at the Southbank Centre and before that I worked for Shakespeare’s Globe for 10 years. 

I decided to get more actively involved in politics on the night of the 2015 General Election. I knew I had to stop arguing with the TV and do something more useful instead! As a liberal I believe that authority should be challenged if it is stopping you from being free to live a good life and that we should support the most vulnerable in our community.

It was my connection to the area that led to me campaigning for the Lib Dems in Waterloo and South Bank, leading our activity in the ward (Bishops as it was) for Sarah Lewis in the 2019 General Election then in 2020 - 2021 for our Mayoral and London Assembly candidates, before deciding to stand here myself for the Council. During that time I have had hundreds of conversations with residents; these have been amongst the most challenging and rewarding I have ever had as I have listened to people talk about their concerns and hopes for the area and their lives. 

Having two sons with autism I know personally what it’s like to engage with ‘The System’ that is Lambeth Council. From that and my campaigning activities I have seen just how hard it is to get the simplest assistance.

I’m standing to have a go at changing that. 



Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @waterloolibdems

Phone: 07880 494 190


Streatham Hill West & Thornton


Donna Harris

Growing up my family positively encouraged freedom of speech, open mindedness, self expression in any form and kindness. No surprise then, my first vote went to the SDP!

Lambeth has been home for fifteen years, as a wife and a mother, I encourage the same values within my family. Like many Liberal Democrats today my activist career began in the wake of the Brexit Referendum. The experience gave me the opportunity to promote liberal values into my community. It was a privilege working with the Streatham team in the 2019 general election campaign, I bundled, phoned, canvassed, coordinated, counted and supported the candidate in her speaking and community engagements. The experience showed me the true value of what can be achieved when you engage with the community. So when Lambeth declared a Climate Emergency in January 2019 I grasped the chance of representing the Party within the ‘Beyond Politics’ group to hold the Council to account, secure a Citizens Assembly & ensure a Climate Action Plan for Lambeth.

I am standing to be your candidate because I want to see that Action Plan implemented - for the health and wellbeing of all within Lambeth. This year’s tragic events have forced another narrative into the public consciousness something close to my heart: Violence against women & girls, I was on the working group who successfully moved the motion at Conference. 

Equally, all too often the safety and wellbeing of young boys and men is overlooked by society. Personal experience has shown me firsthand why it's so important we support boys and men in our community, from a young age to ensure they have the tools not just to survive but to thrive. Lambeth Council must take meaningful action so that everyone in our community can be safe at all times.

As your candidate, I would use my platform to demand this. Working many years in the Fashion industry - for global companies and running my own business has shown it is not enough to care passionately. Making things happen requires organisation, motivation and hard work. I can bring this to our campaign and into the Town Hall. 


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @LibDemDonna


Matthew Bryant

I have lived in Streatham Hill for 25 years.  I treasure its diversity and the great facilities, particularly access to green spaces.  However, I know that our area can be better.

I have been involved in campaigns over that period, whether to improve transport links or to save vital services such as Clapham Park Library and the children’s centre in Weir Road.

I am Chair of the Governing Board at Kings Avenue School and passionate about education.  I am particularly concerned about the effects of lost learning during the Covid pandemic on our youngest citizens.

Professionally I have worked in NHS financial management for over 30 years.  I will use that experience to ensure effective scrutiny of the Council’s activities and decision making.”


St Martin's Ward

Jackie Harper-Wray

I moved to Brixton in 1986 and to St Martin’s Ward in 1998. My children grew up and went to school in Lambeth.  I love Lambeth’s diverse communities, languages and traditions and consider that to be our greatest strength as a borough.

To me, the Liberal Democrat principles of liberty, equality and community within a fair, free and open society, are more important than ever in local government, where many of the decisions taken directly affect so many of us. We all have competing needs and demands. These need to be resolved fairly.

If elected I would:

  • Fight for a climate emergency framework against which all existing and new policies are tested together with a strategy of preparation for the future impact of climate change, especially considering the rivers that flow under and around Lambeth
  • Argue for imaginative action to help Lambeth residents struggling with poor living conditions and high food prices
  • Argue for housing policies that forced landlords to repair homes for rent within acceptable time frames
  • Argue for a fairer vehicle and road management strategy to build on from the current very unfair LTN’s that offer random citizens traffic-restricted roads outside their homes while pedestrians, cyclists and residents on all the roads to which traffic has been diverted struggle with a fog of air-pollution and tailbacks and businesses in the restricted areas lose customers.
  • Argue for more dedicated cycle routes in the borough 
  • Argue for a greener Lambeth – more trees, more community gardens, better use of allotments, more enabling of local greening initiatives, more green energy and electric vehicle charging access


Terry Curtis

I have lived on the St Martins Estate for over 50 years. I helped found the High Trees Community Development Trust, which now have so many activities including adult education, employment support, activities for young people, and community action.

I recently stood down as its treasurer. I am also active on the St Martins Community Centre committee, and the local Tenants and Residents Association., where our main campaign is addressing the damp which many households face.

I was also heavily involved in the campaign to reimburse tenants  for water rates which was owed by the authorities to their tenants. 

I have recently retired from the Crown Prosecution Service.

If elected I would reinforce the pressure to attend to damp in social housing, and examine how far tenants have been reimbursed for water rates which are owed to them. Have any tenants missed out?


Brixton Windrush

Florence Cyrot

I came to London 21 years ago from France and had the full London experience, first as a student benefiting from its world-renowned universities, then as a mother raising three children and now as a professional in the higher education sector living in Brixton in the Windrush ward.

I began campaigning in 2016 to remain in the EU and then joined the Liberal Democrats after the referendum, as the only party which want to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal. As a pro-EU campaigner, I am particularly concerned about the implications of Brexit for local businesses and its impact on our communities. My previous job in the private sector made me well aware of the importance of promoting the local economy as it benefits services and makes people's lives better. I was proud to be the Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate for Lambeth and Southwark in the London 2021 elections, pleased to be able to bring my expertise on education and children's services to the role. 

Alex Haylett


Streatham Common & Vale

Simon Banfield

Since moving to the Streatham Common & Vale area in 2015 to make it my long-term home, I have developed a deep connection with the area and an enthusiasm for making our community thrive. I want Streatham to be a fair, free and open place, which is inclusive and welcoming to all.  I was motivated to join the Liberal Democrats in 2016 in the wake of the EU referendum to campaign for these values.

I am married with two small children who attend a school and a nursery in the ward. I enjoy spending time in our wonderful green spaces, drinking coffee in our fabulous coffee shops and the hospitality of our great pubs. I walked down every street in the ward whilst coordinating campaigning for Streatham’s Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2019 General Election, so feel that I know every corner of our part of Streatham. I am a keen cyclist, a recent regular at the Tooting Common Parkrun and an exiled Yeovil Town FC fan, having been raised in Somerset before moving to London after university.

Professionally, I am a Chartered Structural Engineer and work for an international engineering consultancy, designing major buildings in Central London. This work gives me an understanding of the infrastructure, property and climate issues that affect local people, and my problem-solving skills are well suited to helping constituents.

I would be proud to have the opportunity to represent my local area as Liberal Democrat Councillor for Streatham Common & Vale.


Duncan Brack



Sarah Lewis


I work around the world to deliver the services that give everyone a fair chance at a heathy and productive life: sexual and reproductive health for teenagers, new mothers and LGBTQ communities; vaccines for babies and children; and quality education and mental health support for all.

Closer to home here in Lambeth, I volunteer with young people – helping them to campaign on the issues they care about, such as knife crime.

I believe we need elected representatives that listen and then work with people to make things better. I am standing because we need more homes for local people. We need more and better council homes. We need rents local people can afford. We need to save local pubs, community centres, music venues and green spaces – the places where we all come together. We need to protect our young people. We must get kids off the streets and give them new skills, well-being and purpose. We can do this by ending school exclusions, by legalising cannabis and by giving everyone the mental health support they need.

In my work I have seen first-hand that we must take action on climate change. If we don’t then it will be the poorest who will struggle first and most.

In my spare time, I enjoy holidays abroad. I practice my Hindi, love live music and meeting friends in the pub, and I like running in our local parks.


Marietta Crichton Stuart

John Siraut


Stockwell East

Rachel Lester and Sally Mitton


Stockwell West & Larkhall

Gareth Davison

Anna Grundill

Celia Thomas


Streatham Hill East 

Judy Best and Donal Kane


Streatham St Leonard's 

Nicholas Davidson

Simon Drage

Gillian Lunnon


Streatham Wells

Julian Heather

Born and bred in Portsmouth on the South coast, I studied politics at the University of Reading, and then obtained a MA in Librarianship at Sheffield University.

I have worked in various library jobs for Wandsworth Council, the old Middlesex Hospital, and in Southwark Council.
Having lived in Streatham for over 40 years, I stood for election to Lambeth Council in Streatham Wells Ward in 1982 and 1986, and was finally elected as a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Streatham Wells Ward (Covering East Streatham) in 1990. I served as a Lambeth Lib Dem Councillor for Streatham Wells Ward for 20 years, until 2010. 
During my time on the Council, I served on Lambeth's Planning Committee and was Deputy Executive member for Transport and Highways when the Lib Dems ran the Council between 2002 and 2006, helping to establish a budget for pavement and road resurfacing, which had not existed under previous Labour administrations. I also chaired the Streatham Area Committee, one of five area committees set up by the Lib Dem administration to devolve powers to local areas.
I am standing again in Streatham Wells Ward as I believe the residents of East Streatham have been badly neglected by its current Labour representatives, and I pledge to re-establish my record as a councillor who keeps in touch with residents all year round - not just at election time, which is sadly the record of its current Labour councillors.


Eloka Ikegbunam



Alexander Davies and Rita Ogden


West Dulwich 

Jeremy Baker and Christine Hinton 


Brixton Acre Lane

Heather Glass

Charles Jenkins

Joanna Pycroft


Brixton North

Poppy Hasted

Jing Tang

Ian Tedder


Brixton Rush Common

Abbi Alsalmi

Ben Austin

Paul Medlicott


Clapham East

Lestyn Williams


Clapham Park

Anthony Gilmour

Henry McMorrow

Thomas Newitt


Clapham Town

Julie Fox and Rodney Ovenden


Gipsy Hill

Sarah Dobson and Michael Tuffrey


Herne Hill & Loughborough Junction

Robert Blackie

Charley Hasted

Jonathan Price



Malcolm Baines

Vivienne Baines

Timothy Garner


Knight's Hill

Ishbel Brown

Clare Mathys

Oliver Moule


Myatt's Fields

Nicolas Gibbon and Kate Noble

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