Make your vote count this Thursday! Vote for Sarah Lewis to make Labour-run Lambeth listen

There are just a few days to go until you elect your next MP.

So far in this campaign I’ve knocked on thousands of doors and I have listened carefully to the things that really matter to you.

You’ve told me you want an MP who will hold Lambeth Council to account.

You want an MP who will make sure the needs of our community are represented at City Hall where decisions are made on areas such as transport and police.

You want an MP who will work with everyone in our community.

And you want an MP who will stop Brexit and campaign with you for the issues you care about.

As your MP this is what I will do. So please vote for me on December 12th.


Save our council homes from Labour demolitions

Labour Lambeth Council is knocking down our council homes, against the wishes of residents. Many others are on the waiting list for council housing with nowhere safe to live.

Sarah has worked with tenants of Westbury and other affected estates to stop these demolitions. They still do not know what the future holds for them and their families.

Sarah says: “Labour’s approach is short-sighted, lacking in imagination and lacking in humanity. We must look after council homes and build more. If we don’t, the heart will be torn out of our community.”

Stop City Hall spending our money on flats we can’t afford

Kennington community group Stop the Blocks is working to stop a new luxury tower block being built on former NHS land. The planned flats would count towards the Labour-run City Hall targets for affordable housing because they would be sold at a discount. But these prices are still far out of reach for most local people. City Hall has given the private developer a multi-million pound taxpayerfunded loan. Half of this has already been spent. Nothing has been built.

Sarah says: “Local residents have made it clear that these flats are not what the community wants or needs. I am happy to support the campaign to stop the planned project and make sure City Hall spends our money on more homes that local people can afford.”

Take community action on knife crime

Every Youth Life Matters is a group that meets at St Francis de Sales & St Gertrude Church in Stockwell. A local community leader, set it up for people to share their experiences and advice on tackling knife crime. Sarah has worked hand in hand with the group to bring them together with other faith and non-faith projects across the community:

“We all want the same things for our children. We want them to grow up to be happy and healthy - and to have the chance to pursue their dreams. We can make a difference when we all work together.”

Now, many more people are working together to plan an event for December. The event will give support to families who have lost loved ones to knife crime and there, we will all make a commitment to take action for young people in 2020.

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