Lambeth thinks again on Mamma Mia after protest supported by local Lib Dems

Lambeth council’s planning application committee has deferred the decision on Mamma Mia’s abysmal visitor management plan.

The committee finally recognised the issues which local residents have been screaming about ever since this idea was hatched.

There are concerns around anti-social behaviour in an area of social housing and the regulation of movement of coaches and taxis in the already overly congested Stamford Street and surrounding roads.

The decision to defer is to the credit of many groups, especially those local residents that spoke at the meeting, Samantha Young, Barry Hetherington and Hannah Quigley.

The campaign has been led by local activists and campaigners, and residents from Waterloo’s Resident Alliance, Thames Central Open Spaces, Waterloo Action Centre and Waterloo Community Development Group, as well as our local Lib Dem candidates for Bishop’s ward for the upcoming local elections, Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett (wearing the yellow scarf), Audrey Eager and Charley Hasted.

Adrian, who has chaired the Stamford Street Peabody Estate Tenants & Residents Association for the past two years, has been a consistent local activist supporting the community's protests against the Garden Bridge and now Mamma Mia.

After the latest decision by the planning committee, Adrian said: “This is a vital decision to defer the Visitor Management Plan until a) after the local elections, but also b) time for Mamma Mia to rethink this atrocious idea, and actually engage with local residents who can give them chapter and verse as to why this location is so inappropriate but also emphasising that this land has been reserved for social housing under the Bromley Covenants, and Coin Street (CSCB) must adhere to these rulings.”

Mamma Mia have 21 days to lodge their revised visitor management plan but the local community activists and Lib Dems will remain staunchly against any acceptance of these plans and hope that Mamma Mia will see sense and move this venture to a different, more appropriate location.


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