Matthew Bryant

I am standing for selection in Streatham Hill West and Thornton ward. The key attributes that I bring to this campaign are: experience, energy and commitment.

I have lived in Streatham Hill for the past 24 years and been a candidate in five of the last six elections to Lambeth Council. Most recently I came within 20 votes of winning a by-election in Thornton ward in 2019. I thus have unfinished business in this ward.

I am now semi-retired, having worked in NHS management for 34 years. I am Chair of Governors at Kings Avenue School and engaged in various other voluntary work.

The elections next year will not be easy for us. The successive lockdowns have restricted our ability to campaign. We need to be out listening to voters and reminding them that we are serious challengers in the wards that we target.

The five key areas on which I feel that we should be campaigning are:

  • Housing: The Council has been slow to build new social housing. New developments need to address the needs of local people and not just property developers.
  • Schools: It is ironic that children have been least affected by Covid in terms of morbidity, but are likely to suffer the most in the long term. Home schooling has exacerbated existing inequalities.  Lost learning needs to be tackled urgently.
  • Accountability: Lambeth has become a one-party state in the past seven years.  The lack of scrutiny of the council is palpable.
  • Climate emergency: The council can play an important part here, but the fiasco over Low Traffic Neighbourhoods highlights the need for proper consultation and bringing people with you.
  • Protecting our open spaces: Survey work over the summer shows that this is one of the amenities people value most in this ward
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