Kate Hoey votes with Tories on EU Withdrawal Bill

Vauxhall’s Brexit-supporting Labour MP Kate Hoey this week voted against her own party and backed handing sweeping powers to the Government.

Ms Hoey was one of seven Labour rebels to vote with Theresa May’s Tories on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

A strong general election campaign by the Liberal Democrats earlier this year, standing up for the 78% of Lambeth voters who voted to Remain in the EU, put pressure on Ms Hoey over her record on Europe.

She had shifted significantly in her policy by polling day, putting on her literature her support for EU citizens’ rights and signing up to Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer’s plan for Brexit.

Her support for Labour’s plan did not extend to supporting her own party when it came to Monday’s late night vote, however.

George Turner, who stood as the Liberal Democrat candidate in June, said: "Throughout the General Election Campaign Ms Hoey turned up to public events clutching the Labour manifesto, praising Sir Kier Starmer and promising to vote with Labour on brexit. That has now been exposed as a cold and cynical lie." 
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George Turner reflects on the election campaign

Thursday night was a difficult night in Vauxhall. Although we managed to increase significantly the Liberal Democrat vote share, we still fell a long way short of victory. Here are a few reflections about this campaign which I wanted to share with you.

What we set out to achieve

From the beginning of this campaign I had one objective. To hold Kate Hoey to account for her record on Europe and her clear and very public associations with the hard right. I wanted us to provide a voice for many people in this constituency who believed they had been seriously misrepresented by the actions of their MP.

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Final push to polling day to make George Turner Vauxhall’s next MP


After an intense five weeks of campaigning, the final push is on to get George Turner elected.

Volunteers have knocked on thousands of doors meeting voters and delivered tens of thousands of leaflets for Vauxhall’s Lib Dem candidate since the election was called.

After the suspension of campaigning on Sunday following the awful events at London Bridge, supporters are now delivering the last batches of leaflets as undecided voters make up their minds.

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Campaigning Suspended

Following the attacks at London Bridge the Vauxhall Liberal Democrats have taken a decision to suspend campaigning today, Sunday 4 June. This decision has been taken after discussion with the Vauxhall Labour Party who are also suspending campaigning. 

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All aboard for Gina Miller’s tactical voting guide


Pro-Europe campaigner Gina Miller met with Liberal Democrat candidate George Turner to endorse him as the tactical voting choice in Vauxhall.

Ms Miller, who founded crowdfunded tactical voting campaign Best for Britain ahead of the election, met George on a boat on the Thames in a recreation of the infamous photo of Kate Hoey and Nigel Farage on the Brexit flotilla before last year’s referendum.

Ms Hoey’s constituents voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU, leading to her seat being a top target on a hitlist put together by Remain campaign groups Open Britain, European Movement and Britain For Europe.

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