Open Britain backs Lib Dems in Vauxhall


Vauxhall's sitting Labour MP Kate Hoey is top of a hitlist of Brexit-backing MPs being targeted by pro-EU campaign groups. 

Open Britain, European Movement and Britain for Europe have listed the 20 MPs most at odds with their constituencies on Europe.

Ms Hoey campaigned for a Leave vote in last year's EU referendum alongside Nigel Farage - but 78.6% of Lambeth voted to Remain.

Her voting record on Europe is highlighted in Vauxhall Liberal Democrat candidate George Turner's first general election campaign leaflet. George is standing on a pro-Europe platform.

The leaflet highlights that Ms Hoey:

  • campaigned side by side with far right UKIP leader Nigel Farage
  • received a major donation from UKIP funder Arron Banks
  • told the country that Brexit could mean an extra £350m for the NHS each week then voted against giving our NHS the extra cash
  • voted against the UK remaining in the Single Market
  • voted against an amendment to stop the government turning the UK into a tax haven after Brexit
  • voted to give the Tories a blank cheque on the Brexit deal

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