Settled Status and Pre Settled Status are the two new categories of immigration for European Union nationals resident in the UK, replacing their rights under Freedom of Movement.  Unlike FoM, Settled Status requires individuals to apply for the new status. This does not seem fair, especially given the promises made by the Leave campaigns during the Referendum. It also means that it is quite possible many EU nationals will miss out on the new status and be subjected to the full force of the Hostile Environment in a similar manner to many of Lambeth's Windrush generation of Caribbean immigrants. In December, the government has put such regulations to parliament.

We have campaigned consistently for the promises to EU nationals to be honoured, for automatic grants of right, for physical documentation of immigration status but the Conservative government is not prepared to compromise, despite their promises and basic fairness. We have also proposed that all immigrants working for the NHS be given special provision for immigration status, to honour their ongoing work during the Pandemic. We all can see what has happened to the Windrush Generation, people who answered Britain's call in the past and how to this day the legal battle continues. This does not mean the political fight is over. There is a lot that can be done. 

We are campaigning locally, in Lambeth to try and both overturn these harsh rules as well as mitigate their impact upon those that are affected. We have written to the Leader of the Council to ask that Lambeth Borough does all that it can, even during the trials of the Pandemic, for example, sending out a Settled Status leaflet to all Lambeth Households. We are working in parliament with our Lords and MPs on the case. We have been leading efforts to both recognise and support our fellow residents, for example campaigning against unfair requirements like proof of health insurance before new rules required it. We will be monitoring the government and Council's progress on both. 


If you want to keep up to date or get involved in the campaign, please get in contact.