Chris French

Chris is standing to be your Lambeth and Southwark Constituency candidate in the May 2024 Greater London Assembly elections.

Chris has lived and worked in both boroughs for almost 15 years. As a former resident of Camberwell Green, Elephant & Castle and Peckham, and a current resident of Vauxhall who has established a social enterprise business based in Lambeth, he has a genuine personal connection and passion for the needs of both of these truly wonderful boroughs.

He’s also seen the blight of crime and the devastating effects it has on our communities, having been a Special Constable in both. He knows what it takes to make a difference by taking action.

He currently works across both boroughs, helping to address the health inequalities that leave so many of our residents with unfair responses to their individual health needs and also founded and runs an LGBTQ+ charity, Lambeth Links, representing the largest LGBTQ+ community in London. He works in close partnership with the Southwark LGTBQ+ network too. 

 Upon his selection, Chris said:

“I’m genuinely pleased to have the opportunity to serve as your Lambeth and Southwark Constituency Candidate, two boroughs that mean so much to me personally and professionally. 

Our communities, new, established and emerging, are key to our combined good health and wellbeing, prosperity and strength. But inequalities are rife and in some parts of our neighbourhoods, they are the worst in the country. 

No where is this more pronounced than through the effects of crime and the effects of inequalities in health and social care. These are areas I know, I care about and from my many conversations with residents, I know are important to you too. 

I will be a true voice representing your interests, hearing your concerns and working toward your outcome. I will not be complacent or take your vote for granted. 

Please, do get in touch with me and let me know how I could help as your Assembly Member."

Chris French