Women's Rights

It’s almost ninety years since women won the right to vote in this country, yet the fight for gender equality and women’s rights across our society continues. If elected your MP, George will work with Liberal Democrat colleagues, campaigners and others to challenge gender inequality and discrimination, wherever it exists, and remove the barriers that hold too many people – especially women and girls – back.

This includes a commitment to:

  • Safeguard the protections for women’s rights enshrined in EU law, and now at risk from Brexit: these rights are fundamental human rights, such as the right to equal pay and protections for women fleeing domestic violence. As the UK begins the process of negotiating its exit from the EU, George will fight to defend and retain these rights.

  • Tackle violence towards women and girls: the Liberal Democrats have committed to review the investigation, prosecution, procedures and rules of evidence in cases of sexual and domestic violence, and we will continue our work to end female genital mutilation worldwide within a generation.

  • Enable more women to return to work after having a child: promoting better maternity pay and conditions, improving access to affordable childcare, and increasing parental leave to allow more families to decide how best they want to share their childcare in that crucial first year. George will also campaign to give – as in some Scandinavian countries – fathers up to three months parental leave on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis, and incentives to encourage parents to split their maternity/parental leave equally – challenging outdated attitudes and helping to reduce the gender pay gap.

  • Take action to ensure women are better represented at the top of the UK’s major businesses: supporting legislation that would require a proportion of the seats on the boards of large companies be reserved for women. The current lack of diversity in Britain’s senior leadership roles, whether in business or other sectors, hurts us economically and socially. It must be addressed. 

  • Make politics more representative, promoting reform and direct interventions: for example, establishing a system to compel political parties to guarantee that, in council elections, at least one of the three candidates standing in every ward is a woman. George is leading by example: there is an equal split of men and women in his core campaign team and a majority of ward organisers are female.

If elected MP for Vauxhall, George Turner will do all he can to ensure a fairer, more equal Britain.