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Our questions for Labour Lambeth over music festival plans for Brockwell Park

Here we go again. Another week, and another Lambeth Labour consultation causing anger. Following the Mamma Mia! debacle, this week it’s the plans to bring the Field Day music festival to Brockwell Park. We believe that events in our parks can and should be part of making them a vibrant community ...

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Mamma Mia! Labour Lambeth lets down Waterloo. (Again!)

What does Waterloo need? A themed nightclub?  No. It needs more housing ordinary people can afford.  What is Labour Lambeth giving it? Got it in one: Mamma Mia - a new Abba themed nightclub. Local people’s vociferous objections have been over-ridden yet again by Lambeth - the non-listening counci...

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Lambeth council failing on street trees

Lambeth council is busy planting new street trees - in places that didn’t previously have them. Meanwhile up in Waterloo and Kennington many street trees that died off years ago have not been replaced. Lambeth needs to get into action! Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, pictured bottom right, says: “Lamb...

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