Labour playing politics with new Boundary proposals

For two decades Lambeth has had 3 member wards, which have increasingly become less reflective of both the borough and the communities they should serve. The LGEBC Review, underway since 2020 is designed to fix that.  We proposed last year that the new ward boundaries reflect Lambeth's communitie...

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Covid Update 30 March: Shielding

Today marks the end of shielding for vulnerable people in the UK & for 2.5 million who have shielded for over a year most have barely or not crossed the threshold of their front doors. Please be kind, show understanding and tolerance for the majority in this group as it is an extremely anxiou...

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Restarting Campaigning!

It became legal to resume election campaigning outdoors in a Covid secure way as of 8 March. This was a relief, as the government had banned volunteer delivery of election materials, whilst allowing for paid delivery, which benefited parties with deep pockets, like the Conservatives or Labour. We...

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