2,000 EU citizens in Lambeth may have been denied the right to vote in European elections

As many as 2,000 non-UK EU citizens in Lambeth could have been denied their right to vote at Thursday’s polls, it has emerged. Stories flooded in across the country on 23rd May as EU citizens reported they were turned away from polling stations in the UK’s European elections.

Non-UK EU citizens living in the UK are obliged to fill in an extra form, the UC1 form to be allowed to vote in the UK. Some EU citizens in Lambeth reported missing the deadline to register because they received the form from Lambeth Council after the 7th May deadline had already passed.

However, even EU citizens who managed to return their forms in time were turned away at polling stations. Streatham Parliamentary Candidate Helen Thompson spoke to the Press Association and the Local Government Chronicle about the difficulties that Lambeth's EU citizens faced in registering to vote in these elections. 


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Lambeth turns yellow as Lib Dems capture one in three votes in Euro elections

On Sunday it was confirmed that the Liberal Democrats captured one in three (32.6%) of the votes in Lambeth, more than 10% ahead of the Labour Party (22.4%) who have traditionally seen the borough as a London stronghold.

These results come in the wake of widespread reports that up to 2,000 EU citizens across Lambeth may have been denied the right to vote.  


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Lib Dems call for Inquiry as Lambeth denies EU citizens right to vote

Lambeth Liberal Democrats are calling for an inquiry into Lambeth Council's handling of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections after it emerged that EU citizens received crucial voter registration forms after the deadline to apply had already passed.

EU citizens in the UK who want to vote in the UK’s European Parliamentary elections on 23rd May have to fill out a supplementary registration form. The deadline to submit the form was 7th May, but Lambeth Council’s letters to many EU citizens in the borough landed on doormats on 8th May.

“It’s bad enough that EU citizens were not allowed to vote in the EU referendum in 2016,” said Helen Thompson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham Constituency, whose Spanish partner received the letter on 8th May.

“Now Lambeth Labour has stopped EU citizens from making their voice heard in the European Parliamentary elections, when they would have had the chance to show their support for the UK remaining in the EU by voting for pro-remain parties like the Liberal Democrats.”

Read the full story in Brixton Buzz http://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2019/05/lib-dems-call-for-inquiry-as-lambeth-council-denies-eu-citizens-right-to-vote/

If you have been affected by the issues in this article, please contact us on hello@lambethlibdems.org.uk 

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