Lambeth Labour demolishes Vauxhall bus station – overcrowding and years of chaos await for local bus users

Just before Christmas, Lambeth Labour delivered an unwelcome gift to the people of Vauxhall when the Lambeth Planning Committee voted unanimously to demolish the Vauxhall Bus Station. Jack Hopkins, Labour Councillor for Oval Ward, even came to the Committee to argue for demolition, saying he had been campaigning for seven years for this day.

The iconic Arup design, which is just 12 years old and cost £4million to build, will now be demolished and replaced with a smaller station and series of bus shelters. Evidence presented by council officials to the committee showed that the smaller area would mean overcrowding of the new facility at peak times.

Dodgy deals

For years the Lambeth Labour party have argued that demolition is necessary to facilitate improvements to traffic around the Vauxhall Gyratory System. However, the mask slipped when the planning application arrived at the committee - and there was no mention of the gyratory whatsoever.

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Liberal Democrats pledge to protect Brockwell Park from massive private events planned by Labour Lambeth

Liberal Democrat candidates to represent Thurlow Park ward have pledged to protect Brockwell Park and the surrounding community from the massive events proposed by Lambeth's Labour council team and 1,540 Brockwell locals appealing for support of their pledge, which has three key elements: 

  1. Telling Lambeth Council Lovebox and FieldDay cannot take place in Brockwell Park
  2. Scrapping the Events2020 policy plan
  3. A clear and funded process for consultation with residents on events

Bryan Mahon, Kathy Erasmus and Doug Buist, pictured left to right, offered their hearty support, which you can read in full below. The three elements of the pledge are also provided in full below their letter. 


Letter from Thurlow Park Lib Dems team

Dear BrockwellStreets team & all Pledge signatories,
Thank you for inviting us to respond to the BrockwellStreets Pledge. We are pleased to reply as the Liberal Democrat candidates in Thurlow Park with the support of the candidates in other wards and the Lambeth Liberal Democrats party. All three candidates – Doug, Kathy and Bryan – will be happy to personally sign the online petition/Pledge.


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Kate Hoey breaking the Labour whip (again) on Brexit Amendment 7 is a betrayal


I stood for election in the 2017 General Election to challenge Kate Hoey on her continued campaigning for a damaging hard Brexit with far right politicians like Nigel Farage.

Ms Hoey was clearly concerned about the strength of our campaign and repeatedly told the electorate that she understood our pro-European community's anxieties and concerns about Brexit, and committed to support the Labour party position on Brexit led by Sir Keir Starmer. Many Labour voters were reassured by her support for her party.

You can therefore imagine my horror to see Kate Hoey breaking the Labour Whip on Wednesday night to vote with the Tory government on the amendment to give parliament a meaningful vote on the terms of any Brexit deal. Thankfully there were enough Tory rebels who were brave enough to stand up to Theresa May, the DUP and Ms Hoey to carry Amendment 7.

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Lambeth Labour again fails to listen to Southbank & Waterloo residents

At the recent Southbank & Waterloo Neighbourhood AGM this week, residents learned of the delay to the Neighbourhood Plan implementation.

Apparently, after many months of residents' engagement in putting together our plan, Lambeth Council Officers are now going to create their own, ignoring any work done by our local communities.

The AGM agreed that a letter will be sent to Council Officers emphasising our disgust at both the delays to the plan and ignoring local community views and representations, for which many had put in hours of work.

Again, Lambeth Labour cannot be trusted to listen to local residents.

Whether it’s the Garden Bridge, Mamma Mia or now the Neighbourhood Plan, this just highlights the need for an effective opposition on Lambeth Council.

If you want to see some effective local opposition then consider voting for your local Liberal Democrat Candidates next May.

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Our questions for Labour Lambeth over music festival plans for Brockwell Park

Here we go again.

Another week, and another Lambeth Labour consultation causing anger. Following the Mamma Mia! debacle, this week it’s the plans to bring the Field Day music festival to Brockwell Park.

We believe that events in our parks can and should be part of making them a vibrant community resource. We also know that the Labour-run council need to listen to residents’ concerns about the impact that such events have.

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Mamma Mia! Labour Lambeth lets down Waterloo. (Again!)

What does Waterloo need? A themed nightclub? 


It needs more housing ordinary people can afford. 

What is Labour Lambeth giving it? Got it in one: Mamma Mia - a new Abba themed nightclub.

Local people’s vociferous objections have been over-ridden yet again by Lambeth - the non-listening council.


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Lambeth council failing on street trees

Lambeth council is busy planting new street trees - in places that didn’t previously have them.

Meanwhile up in Waterloo and Kennington many street trees that died off years ago have not been replaced.

Lambeth needs to get into action!


Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, pictured bottom right, says: “Lambeth claim to be acting. They are ignoring us.

"Some of these trees have been missing for years. It's time to get them replaced”

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Ask your MP to stop hard Brexit by amending the EU Withdrawal Bill

In the next few days, MPs will be voting on amendments to the EU withdrawal bill.

When people voted in the EU referendum last year, little was known about what a future deal with the European Union would look like.  

16 months on it is now clearer than ever that no deal will be anywhere near as good a deal as the one we have now. To top that off, a catastrophic “no deal” scenario is becoming likelier than ever, and would cost Lambeth billions.

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A no deal Brexit will cost Lambeth billions


Kate Hoey has recently been pushing for a no deal Brexit. The Vauxhall MP, pictured above campaigning for a Leave vote alongside Nigel Farage during the referendum, recently tweeted: "No deal with the EU? Sounds like a good deal to me."



Now, new research by the LSE's Centre for Economic Performance and the Liberal Democrats has revealed just how damaging a no deal Brexit would be to our borough. 

According to the study, no deal Brexit will mean an economic hit of £3.1billion to Lambeth

If the UK exits the EU in March 2019 without a deal, Britain's economic output (gross value added) in the five years after Brexit would be reduced by 5.3%, or £430 billion nationwide. 

Even if the UK agreed to a Norway style arrangement with full single market access, this would still result in a reduction to five-year economic output of 2.9%, or £235 billion. 

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Vauxhall, George Turner said: "These figures are a real indictment of Vauxhall Labour's militant Europhobia.


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Lambeth council's backing of Vauxhall bus station plans puts developers ahead of residents - again

TfL have submitted their planning application to demolish Vauxhall's iconic bus station, after Lambeth's Labour-run council backed the plans. The application will now go to Lambeth’s planning committee for approval.

The Liberal Democrats have a long history of opposition to the plans to demolish the bus station.

In January 2014, then Liberal Democrat Councillor for Oval Ward Ishbel Brown tabled a motion to the council calling for a meaningful consultation on the plans, including the option to retain the bus station. Labour voted against that motion.

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