Statement following the suspension of Streatham Wells' LTN

8 Mar 2024

Responding to news that Streatham's low traffic neighbourhood is to be suspended, Cllr Donna Harris, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Lambeth said:

"This climbdown is an embarrassment for Lambeth Labour. Since the start of this so-called trial of a Streatham Wells LTN, Labour bosses at Lambeth Council have been unable and unwilling to share robust data or analysis about the impact of the measures they have implemented. It has not gone unnoticed that it was neither an evidence-based assessment, nor the outpouring of testimony from local residents, that led to this change of heart; but instead, an instruction from the Labour Mayor whose only interest is in protecting his own position at the London elections this May.  

As Liberal Democrats, we believe in promoting and investing in measures that genuinely support a transition to higher uptake of transport options that: make our air cleaner, our streets safer, improve our wellbeing and safeguard our precious planet. These measures need to give us streets that work for everyone, and that unite our community in common cause - not those that pit local people against each other, as this ill-conceived scheme has done since its introduction.

We are now back to square one, after months - and untold money - wasted.  The Council must now go back to the drawing board and consult residents properly across the whole of Streatham and the surrounding area about solutions that improve the lives of all who live here, both now and for future generations.”