Windrush Day

June 22 was Windrush Day, which was marked by many across Lambeth and the UK, to celebrate the arrival of West Indian/Caribbean people to Britain after WW2, at the invitation of the government. Windrush Day, whilst to some degree a celebration of an important part of Lambeth's people and heritage is also rather negative, given the long struggle many Windrush migrants or their children have had these last few years due to government nationality and migration rules. The hostile environment makes life very difficult for affected people in the country, to access services, gain employment, or rent accommodation. Many people have also been deported, to places they may have a distant connection to but not one they have lived in. Despite politicians, parties, the government and the wider public generally being in agreement that this is not ok and affected people should be compensated, their struggles drag on.

This wide ranging failure to resolve and make right does not fill us with confidence that the next Windrush, for EU Nationals who have missed out on Settled Status will be any better dealt with, given the same people are in charge who delivered the first Windrush.

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