Lambeth turns yellow as Lib Dems capture one in three votes in Euro elections

On Sunday it was confirmed that the Liberal Democrats captured one in three (32.6%) of the votes in Lambeth, more than 10% ahead of the Labour Party (22.4%) who have traditionally seen the borough as a London stronghold.

These results come in the wake of widespread reports that up to 2,000 EU citizens across Lambeth may have been denied the right to vote.  


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Lib Dems call for Inquiry as Lambeth denies EU citizens right to vote

Lambeth Liberal Democrats are calling for an inquiry into Lambeth Council's handling of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections after it emerged that EU citizens received crucial voter registration forms after the deadline to apply had already passed.

EU citizens in the UK who want to vote in the UK’s European Parliamentary elections on 23rd May have to fill out a supplementary registration form. The deadline to submit the form was 7th May, but Lambeth Council’s letters to many EU citizens in the borough landed on doormats on 8th May.

“It’s bad enough that EU citizens were not allowed to vote in the EU referendum in 2016,” said Helen Thompson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham Constituency, whose Spanish partner received the letter on 8th May.

“Now Lambeth Labour has stopped EU citizens from making their voice heard in the European Parliamentary elections, when they would have had the chance to show their support for the UK remaining in the EU by voting for pro-remain parties like the Liberal Democrats.”

Read the full story in Brixton Buzz

If you have been affected by the issues in this article, please contact us on [email protected] 

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Call for community support to combat harrassment at Lambeth abortion clinics

New measures to stop protestors targeting women outside Lambeth’s abortion clinics are on hold, the council has finally admitted, despite responses to a consultation being “overwhelmingly in favour” of the measures.

For years, women and girls using the Marie Stopes Clinic on Brixton Hill and the BPAS on Leigham Court Road, Streatham, have been subjected to the views of anti-abortion groups protesting directly outside the entrance to the clinics.

The protestors hand out leaflets with misleading information about abortion, and hold up graphic posters, aiming to dissuade women from using the clinics’ services. These activities violate women’s privacy as they enter the clinics and cause unnecessary additional distress at a time of high vulnerability.

In February 2018, Lambeth Council consulted on the possibility of bringing in a Public Space Protection Order to create a buffer zone that would mean women could enter the clinics without being approached by protestors or having to walk past distressing images.

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Liberal Democrats call on Lambeth Labour to act on housing

On Monday 8th April more than 150 local residents joined a public meeting at the Cinema Museum to voice their concerns over a proposed private residential development on the site of the former “Woodlands” nursing home. Plans include a 29 storey tower block and a four storey ‘mansion’ block.

At the meeting I asked the Lambeth Labour councillors present about the progress they had made towards meeting their 2014 manifesto commitment to build 1,000 new council homes, but received no clear answers.


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Lib Dems run Labour close in second by-election

It was a tense atmosphere at the count at Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday night, as we waited for the result of Thornton ward’s second by-election this year. After a hard-fought campaign, the Liberal Democrat candidate Matthew Bryant fell just 19 votes short of beating Labour this time.

Although we didn’t quite make it over the line, the 32% increase in the Lib Dem vote share since May 2018 shows that voters are increasingly choosing outward-looking, tolerant, pro-EU politics over the extremism and intransigence of the Conservatives and Labour. 

The tight result also sends a strong message that Labour cannot take residents in our area for granted. Their refusal to listen to residents’ concerns – whether they be over the proposed closure of the local Weir Link Children’s Centre or poor maintenance on our estates – is unacceptable and the Liberal Democrats will continue to challenge Labour’s approach.

You can also read Lewis Baston for OnLondon's coverage of the by-election. "The result was a real squeaker. Labour’s majority, in a ward that looked rock-solid a year ago, was slashed to 19 votes," Baston writes. "The swing from Labour to Lib Dem is 5.6 per cent since February and a massive 27 per cent since May 2018.

"While the scale of the movement owes a lot to campaigning effort that cannot be replicated everywhere, Labour would be unwise to ignore the result. The two Thornton ward elections, and indeed the defection of the local MP, suggest that the party cannot take the liberal middle classes and the multicultural municipal estates that make up its London core vote for granted."

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