Shirley Williams 1930-2021

It is with sorrow we hear that Shirley Williams has passed away and our condolences go out to her family and friends. 

First as a MP, then as a member of the Lords she gave long service to us all, blazing the way for many with her fierce convictions. She also played a foundational role in the leadership of the SDP and later the Liberal Democrat Party, becoming our Leader in the Lords. 

Edward Davey MP and Leader of Liberal Democrats had this to say: 

"Political life will be poorer without her intellect, wisdom and generosity. Shirley had a limitless empathy only too rare in politics today; she connected with people, cared about their lives and saw politics as a crucial tool to change lives for the better." 

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Labour playing politics with new Boundary proposals

For two decades Lambeth has had 3 member wards, which have increasingly become less reflective of both the borough and the communities they should serve. The LGBCE Review, underway since 2020 is designed to fix that.  We proposed last year that the new ward boundaries reflect Lambeth's communities better, by creating more, smaller wards, in much of the borough. The Commission accepted our proposals in large part.

This is an exciting opportunity for Lambeth to finally have wards based around real communities. We are dissappointed Labour and the Council do not agree with the Commission, however we feel that with a few tweaks, the Commission's submissions will be a great step forward for representation. We have been speaking to residents around the borough about the current proposal and feel there are some changes that could be made that would help.

Keeping real communities together is what is important (not big, artificial 1990s wards).


Time is running out for you to get involved, so if you feel strongly, please contact the Commission!  Check your email for our recommendations!

How can you help?

You can make still a submission to the Lambeth electoral review, to try and influence the final shape of the Borough. We would like you to support our proposals!

  1. through the LGBCE consultation area,  
  2. by e-mailing [email protected], or 
  3. writing to the following address: 

The Review Officer (Lambeth) 


PO Box 133


NE24 9FE

Background Information

The LGBCE full recommendation is accessible here

The draft map is here - note, this is a large file.

The LGBCE Lambeth website is here.

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Covid Update 30 March: Shielding

Today marks the end of shielding for vulnerable people in the UK & for 2.5 million who have shielded for over a year most have barely or not crossed the threshold of their front doors.

Please be kind, show understanding and tolerance for the majority in this group as it is an extremely anxious time & the fear of reentering the outside world they have not been part of for so long can not be underestimated. The government has advised clinically vulnerable shielders to remain careful, so please respect that advice.

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Restarting Campaigning!

It became legal to resume election campaigning outdoors in a Covid secure way as of 8 March. This was a relief, as the government had banned volunteer delivery of election materials, whilst allowing for paid delivery, which benefited parties with deep pockets, like the Conservatives or Labour.

We have been out delivering leaflets across the borough and are also resuming socially distanced canvassing, on a small scale.  This builds upon our phone canvassing operation that has been running through-out.

If you want to get involved, to deliver leaflets, phone or face to face canvass or donate, please get in contact!

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Conservatives Plan To Change London's Proportional Voting Systems

Conservatives want to change London’s electoral system 


Today word has come that the Conservative government intends to change London’s electoral system away from the current supplementary vote for Mayor to First Past the Post, citing a 2011 UK wide referendum on the Westminster voting system as the reason.  This is a democractic outrage.  In 1998 72% of Londoners voted for a new devolved Londonwide government, with a fairer voting system. We have not been asked since if we would like to change the system back to the unfair First Past the Post.


London’s electoral systems work for Londoners. The mayor is elected by a wider range of voters than a normal FPtP contest, needing more than 50% to win. We also have constituency AMs for local representation and Londonwide AMs. No party or group has campaigned against either system locally, nor has there been any public demand for a change since the system was put into place. It is dishonest of the Conservative government to pretend that there is any mandate to reduce Londoner’s rights.


If the Conservatives think it is a good idea to make London’s electoral system less proportionate and to remove more voting rights, then they should have the courage to put it to the people of London and campaign on it in this May’s mayoral election.


Reducing Londoner’s democratic rights should be something that Londoners get a say on.

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